Bogotá under construction

Bogota is changing every day. Citizens are making its part like leaving their cars at home two working days of the week. For many people this is bad for the economy, for others it's a necessary measure. We won't really know how bad or how good it could be, but we hope the city will be better in the future.

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  1. Hola! I'm really interested to see a new photo of Bogota every day. I hope to come visit sometime!

  2. Two days out of the work week? I'm envious. Metro Manila just requires one day that you don't use your car (based on the last digit of the license plate) and those who can afford it just go out and buy another! Sigh.

    Welcome to the CDPB community! I'm looking forward to learning more about Bogota (which I don't know at all!) through your blog.

  3. Hey! Nice to hear from some body too far from here. I'll try to post as frequently as I can from this high Andean City, so you and all CDPB community will know a little more about my city.