Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden of Bogota is one of the most important scientific institutions of the country. It was created in 1955 and named in honor of the Spaniard astronomer Jose Celestino Mutis, a botanist who was the first scientific in making deep studies on the Colombian flora by the year 1783 when he began the Real Botanical Expedition along Colombia.

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  1. Look at all that red and yellow! That's a nice field of flowers. I think it's nice to be in a location with such a long and deep history. It's nice when we find places in the "New World" where we know the history so far back. The town I grew up in was settled in 1886. Astoria's history goes back farther than that. Of course I love Europe where the history is much older. I'm happy to be learning about other parts of the world - the modern things and the ancient things.

  2. I liked your comment. By the way, Bogotá was founded in 1538 by a Spaniard General named Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada with the original name of Santa Fe de Bogotá, so the city is 470 years old.

  3. The Bogotá Botanical Garden is a small sample of the nature that God gave to our country and we must take care of it, there teach us how to care for and preserve it so preserve the lives of our future children... Also we can find a great knowledge and you can find very old plants, ferns, roses, there are patriotic emblems of our country as the orchid and palm wax. It`s a spectacular place to interact with the nature!

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