Cell phone towers at its height

With the explosion of cell phone service, operators are planting this awful towers along the city (and along the world). Although ugly, we love them when we have good signal on the phone's screen. But, how much they affect us? No body knows.

Jimenez Avenue

The Jimenez avenue makes part of the historic dowtown of Bogota. Its name comes from the founder of the city: Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada. At present this avenue is known as the environmental axis of the city and only it's permited the transit of the bus system known as Transmilenium. In the past the San Francisco River flowed along the space now occupied by the avenue. The river was channeled in 1930's decade.

Malls at El Dorado Ave

This is EL Dorado Avenue, showing the development of new malls. This avenue gives the welcome to people arriving to Bogotá by plain. By the way, sadly our airport will change its name soon, but I can ask to my visitors, how they feel when arriving to a country the plain's captain say: We are reaching to El Dorado. Nice? Well I have to get an urgent picture of the control tower where the EL Dorado name is written with big golden letters before they throw them away.

Surrounded by Mountains

Bogotá is located over a big plateau surrounded by mountains, that are more evident at eastern side of the city were the the downtown is located.

Archiepiscopal Palace View

This buiding is located in southeastern corner of the Plaza de Bolivar (Bolivar square) It's the home and office of the archbishops.

Virgilio Barco Public Library

One of the largest public libraries in the city, the VB Public Library openned its doors in 2001 and it's part of a big net of libraries along the city. The design was made by Rogelio Salmona, one of the more renowned architects of the country.

Simon Bolivar Central Park

Bogotá citizens just take a rest every weekend in the largest park of the city. With more than 100 hectares this park was open officially to the public in 1991 after planting more than 3.300 native trees. In 1995 was recovered a 11 hectares lake. Inside the park there's a place for events like concerts with a capacity for nearly 80.000 people. The last concert there was Aerosmith, last month. This park is just one part of a bigger complex of parks in the area know as the Simon Bolivar Metropolitan Park, covering a total area of nearly 400 hectares.

A National Amulet

Innocently I took this picture of a sunset in Bogota with out knowing a history behind it. I got interested on the image of the church at the right, because I didn’t know the name of the church that appeared in the picture. I finally found the name of this church which is the Minor Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Basilica Menor del Sagrado Corazón de Jesus) but is more popularly know as the National Vote Church. The history behind this church has to deal with part of the history of the country. It was constructed as a request from an archbishop to the politics of the early twenty century. The construction of the church was considered as a kind of amulet to finish a stupid war in Colombia, known as the War of the One Thousand Days (1899-1902). As all the wars it was a useless conflict between the two principal parties of the country in the struggle for the power. One of the consequences of that war was that Colombia lost Panama and the possibility of constructing the interoceanic canal.