Soccer's temple

Colombia's more popular sport is the football soccer. However, Bogota's most traditional teams Independiente Santa Fe and Club Los Millonarios, which play in the Campin stadium (show in the picture) were champions of the country for the last time in 1975 and 1987. Some new teams from the city appearing in the last years had been more successful than the traditional ones.

Eating the forest

Bogota is lucky for being surrounded by forested hills. However legal and illegal urbanization has been eating the remaining forests around the city. In any case the native forest is almost absent from the city. The picture shows a popular neighborhood at the southeast of the city.

On the park

Maybe one of the more interesting things of Bogotá is that there are a lot of things to do in your free time. Between them are the parks where you can practice sports or simply take a rest in the grass or get fun in entertainment attractions like the panoramic wheel in the back.

Security begins at home

The government’s house (Casa de Nariño) at left and the closed street in front, just for security reasons. In recent years Colombian government has invested millions and millions of dollars in security for the country, and it begins at home. Foreigners are coming back and people feels safe, but I feel that we need to invest more in education than in security.

Blocks every where

In recent times Bogotá is being filled with blocks of buildings everywhere. Houses are part of the past. You rarely can find a project offering new houses and when you find it they are constructed in lot of no more than 45 square meters. So you have no more option than to decide for an apartment. And blocks of apartments traditionally of no more than six floors now are higher, as the ones in the center of this picture. Of course, the city needs to accommodate something like 7 million people, and growing, an although Bogotá lies over a vast plateau, it also has its limits.